Over 1,000 people in Maui connected to temporary stays through Airbnb.org

Less than a month after joining Hawaiʻi Governor Josh Green in announcing a commitment to provide free, temporary stays to at least 1,000 people displaced by the fires in Maui, Airbnb.org is proud to announce that it has met and surpassed its goal. With the support of Hosts, donors, and humanitarian organizations on the ground, Airbnb.org has connected more than 1,000 people to temporary housing with another several hundred booked for Airbnb.org stays and awaiting check-in.

Making this work possible are nearly 600 Hosts across Hawaiʻi who have signed up to share their home for free or at a discount through Airbnb.org. One of these Hosts is Tim. He has lived in Maui for more than 20 years where he runs several water sports companies. Wanting to support his community following the fires, Tim listed a vacation home he owns in Kihei through Airbnb.org and has helped connect several families in Kula to Airbnb.org to access temporary housing.

I’ve had the honor to call Maui my home for over two decades, and it was heartbreaking to see so many people—including some of my neighbors in Kula—lose their homes overnight. As an Airbnb.org Host, I was able to offer a safe, welcoming space for a family from Lahaina, and it has been an incredibly powerful way to help my community heal.

—Tim Lara, Airbnb.org Host

Airbnb.org has worked closely with a number of trusted nonprofits and government entities on the ground, including the Hawaiʻi Department of Human Services (DHS), Cajun Navy Ground Force, and Project Camp, which offers pop-up camps for children during and after emergencies. These organizations were instrumental in facilitating Airbnb.org stays alongside Airbnb.org staff. And with many still in need of temporary housing, Airbnb.org continues to work with organizations like Maui Rapid Response, Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), and Catholic Charities to connect survivors to short-term stays.

Airbnb.org worked with our team at Maui Rapid Response to ensure that kanaka maoli (Hawaiian natives) and other vulnerable populations impacted by the fires have access to temporary stays. We appreciate all their efforts to center the needs of our community first.

—Nicole Huguenin, Maui Rapid Response Co-Lead

Stays for fire survivors in Maui are funded by both the generosity of Hosts who offer stays for free or at a discount through Airbnb.org, and donations, which help cover the cost of stays with Hosts who may not be able to list their home for free. As Airbnb.org continues to provide emergency stays for people displaced by the fires in Maui, one of the best ways to support Airbnb.org’s efforts is by donating, especially since 100 percent of donations go toward funding temporary stays.

Sandstone Group