How and where families are traveling on Airbnb this summer 

While the days are longer, summer months can seem shorter as we strive to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of them before the weather turns. For families, the speed at which the summer months move can feel even faster with children out of school and running from activity to activity. That’s why many choose to unplug from the daily hustle and bustle, pack their bags and head out to explore new horizons with loved ones – because creating cherished memories together is a priceless treasure and increasingly, Airbnb is helping to facilitate these memorable trips.

In the US:

Family trips booked on Airbnb in the first half of 2023 increased nearly 10% compared to the same period last year.1

Families booked trips to more than 13,000 destinations in the first half of 2023.

The majority of families book a two or three bedroom listing while traveling on Airbnb.

Why families are choosing Airbnb this summer

Airbnb provides families with a summer home away from home with a diverse array of listings, accommodations, views and experiences. Cramped hotel rooms and expensive adjoining rooms don’t need to be part of the summer travel balance sheet. Airbnb offers families the ability to maximize value and connection by staying together under one roof.

More space for the money: Globally, families can get an Airbnb with two bedrooms and two bathrooms for approximately the price of one hotel room at certain major chains.2

Spreading out: One-third of Airbnb listings in the US have three bedrooms or more.

Nearly 10% of US listings have cribs for small children.

Kitchens: Globally, 90% of Airbnb listings have kitchens.

Pets: More than 1.5 million pets traveled on US Airbnb listings during the first half of 2023.

Better sleep: According to a survey last year, 66.9% of recent travelers get at least seven hours of sleep in a vacation rental, compared to 65.8% at home and 53.8% in a hotel or motel.3

Where families are heading this summer

In the map below, we’ve identified the most popular family travel destinations on Airbnb in each US state for stays this summer.4 While there are tried and true family destinations on the list such as Gulf Shores, AL, Traverse City, MI and Pigeon Forge, TN – we also find some big cities such as Saint Paul, MN, Baltimore, MD and Cincinnati, OH on the list. The diverse representation of destinations illustrates that Airbnb truly allows families to travel nearly anywhere:

Making travel easier and more affordable for families with product innovation

As part of our 2023 Summer Release and our ongoing dedication to being the best travel platform in the world, we launched over 50 new features and upgrades to Airbnb. Each update was designed to address community feedback and many were aimed at helping guests have a better experience on Airbnb. When it comes to family travel, a few updates standout:

Total price display-Guests can view the total price with fees, before taxes, across the entire app including in search results, price filter, maps, and listing pages.

Transparent checkout instructions-Guests can now view checkout instructions on the listing page before booking, and they’ll receive a reminder before they leave the home. During the review process, guests can tell us about any excessive requests. And listings with repeated low ratings from unreasonable chores will be removed from Airbnb.

Pay over time-Through a new partnership with Klarna, guests in the US and Canada can apply to pay for stays in four interest-free installments over six weeks. For bookings over $500, guests can apply to pay monthly (US only).

Airbnb Categories-Last year, we updated the platform to allow guests to discover millions of unique places to stay through over 60 different categories. Family favorites range from Amazing Pools, Farms and even Play which features over 80,000 listings that include activities and entertainment such as sports courts, games rooms and even waterslides.

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