Company selling tiny homes from $130K sparks critics: ‘This is the new affordable housing market’

A home-construction company has raised some eyebrows online for one of its new developments.

Lennar, based in Fontainebleau, Florida, is one of the nation’s largest home developers. Most recently, it constructed a tiny house community comprised of 350-square-foot homes in San Antonio, Texas.

Known as Elm Trails, each tiny home boasts one bedroom and one bathroom with a starting price of $130,000.

“This two-story home has a smart layout that offers everything you need to live in comfort,” Lennar states on its website.

“The front door leads into an open concept kitchen, which flows effortlessly into the living area. In the back of the home is an owner’s suite which features two closets and a private bathroom. Upstairs is an open space that can be used for storage.”

Lennar’s tiny home community in San Antonio, Texas. Lennar Corporation

However, online critics questioned whether it was enough — and enough for the price.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, the account Wall Street Silver posted a video with the caption, “This is the new affordable housing market…These are $100,000 tiny homes, with no garages, being built in a new neighbourhood in San Antonio, Texas.”

In response, many took note of the new standards for Americans looking for alternatives to affordable housing with very little space.

An average tiny home spans 350 square feet and costs about $133,000.

“They want everybody in a box. Least amount of land possible,” one person commented.

“More like $100,000 jail cell,” another person wrote.

“The whole point of tiny homes is they are only supposed to be 30-50k max,” someone else explained.

There are options for other home layouts including a one bedroom, two-bathroom unit that occupies 660 square feet and is priced at $163,000.

The Post has reached out to Lennar for comment.

Lennar, a public company, operates across 25 states in the country including North Carolina, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois.

With assets equaled to $33.2 billion, Lennar has been in operation since 1954.

The company was even once linked to the Lehman Brothers — the now-defunct investment bank that went under during the 2008 financial crisis.

In July 1993, Lennar formed a joint venture with Lehman Brothers and Westinghouse Electric Corporation to acquire a $2 billion loan portfolio for $1.1 billion.

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