Hosts double down on inclusivity: LGBTQ+ affirming language on the rise

As we approach Pride Month, a time marked by unity, love, and acceptance, we’re proud to report an increase in Hosts using LGBTQ+ inclusive language in their profiles — a testament to how Hosts embody Airbnb’s commitment to offer a platform that values diversity and inclusivity. A reflection of this commitment, we have seen a significant uplift by approximately 90 percent, nearly doubling the total number of Hosts using LGBTQ+ inclusive language on their profiles, and further promoting belonging within our global community1.

The power of inclusive language

According to new findings from Morning Consult Brand Intelligence, 41 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents who travel, irrespective of travel purpose, identified as Airbnb users — 8 percent higher compared to the overall percentage of US leisure travelers2.

This greater share of LGBTQ+ community members choosing Airbnb suggests that Hosts’ commitment to inclusivity, particularly the increase in Hosts using LGBTQ+ inclusive language in their profiles, is resonating with guests.

Kit Williamson, acclaimed actor, creator of the hit Netflix TV show EastSiders, and proud Airbnb Host, and his partner, John Halbach, have fostered a welcoming and inclusive stay for the LGBTQ+ community at their Palm Springs home.

As a queer filmmaker I believe that words have power. When my husband and I travel we always gravitate towards Airbnb listings that use inclusive language, so when we became Airbnb Hosts ourselves we wanted to make sure our home in Joshua Tree was a space where everyone feels welcome. The fact that more and more Hosts are taking this approach is a testament to the evolving attitudes and acceptance within our global community.

-Kit Williamson, Airbnb Host, actor, filmmaker

Photo Credit: David George Zimmerman

Hosts are embracing and celebrating the spirit of Pride Month

From vibrant, color-filled homes to unique, Pride-centric experiences, these listings encapsulate the spirit of Pride Month and provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for everyone. Here is a collection of homes showcasing their pride:




Pride in hospitality

These locations stand out based on their impressive share of five-star guest reviews, reflecting the care, respect, and warm welcome that travelers in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond have received. From the vibrant streets of Portland, Oregon to the sun-kissed shores of Sitges, Catalonia, these top 20 destinations all celebrate Pride and epitomize what it means to be truly hospitable:

Portland, OR, United States

Provincetown, MA, United States

Portland, ME, United States

Wilton Manors, FL, United States

Nashville, TN, United States

San Francisco, CA, United States

Seattle, WA, United States

Austin, TX, United States

Mykonos, Greece

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Berlin, Germany

New Orleans, LA, United States

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vancouver, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico

Chicago, IL, United States

Sitges, Spain

Toronto, Canada

Live, work and pride anywhere

As we look forward to a season of celebration, we also recognize the potential for our Host community to earn and contribute to their local economies during Pride Month as people look to explore and participate in Pride festivities around the world. In fact, across the top 40 Pride destinations worldwide, Hosts collectively earned more than $77 million during their respective Pride celebration weekends3. These leading locales not only promise unforgettable Pride celebrations but also offer tremendous earning potential for those interested in hosting on Airbnb.

Building an inclusive community

At Airbnb, we believe in the power of community and the importance of fostering spaces where everyone can feel welcome. Over the last several years, Airbnb has implemented a number of programs and policies to build inclusion and fight discrimination.

This includes instituting the Airbnb Community Commitment, requiring everyone who uses Airbnb to agree to treat each other with respect and without judgment or bias. All prospective Hosts and guests must agree to the Community Commitment and to follow our Nondiscrimination Policy in order to join our community. To date, more than 2.5 million people have been denied access to, or removed from the Airbnb platform for declining to agree to the Community Commitment. We also provide inclusion resources for Hosts, designed to help them welcome guests from all backgrounds, particularly those from historically marginalized communities.

As we enter this Pride Month, we continue to stand with the LGBTQ+ community, championing the values of love, acceptance, and diversity that make our world a brighter place. No matter how you identify or who you love, you are always welcome on Airbnb.

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