Expert: US economy strong amid bank failures, inflation

The crash of SVB could impact Americans' 401(k)s Though the SVB failed, most average Americans are protected Expert says unemployment is at historic low and economy is strong


(NewsNation) — The average American will most likely not be impacted by the crash of Silicon Valley Bank, says Cory Johnson, hedge fund manager and host of “The Drill Down” podcast.

“I think that’s the important takeaway here … the equity holders, the stockholders in Silicon Valley Bank, yeah, they’re gonna lose some money. But the people who are the regular people who are doing business with their banks are well protected right now, in fact, probably better protected than any time in human history,” Johnson said.

Johnson joined “NewsNation: Rush Hour” to discuss what the latest banking collapses and persisting inflation looks like in the big picture of the U.S. economy.



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