7 tips for answering real estate questions in today’s market


The state of our current housing market is creating the need for sometimes challenging real estate questions between Realtors and clients.

Twenty-five to 75% of all agents are new to the business and have never experienced a change in the market like what we’re dealing with today. With soaring interest rates sticking around for the time being, Realtors should know how to address the hard topics surrounding mortgage.

Tracey Velt, editorial director for RealTrends and host of the Real Trending podcast, recently sat down with Alexis Bolin, broker associate with Keller Williams, to unearth some valuable advice she’s gained during her 44-year career.

1. Remember that you can’t control the real estate market, only yourself 

As much as real estate agents would like the power to shift the tides of our housing market, there’s no way to avoid the ebbs and flows that move mortgage rates. Since the housing market is cyclical, most Realtors are bound to experience both highs and lows during the course of their careers. And knowing how to handle buyers and sellers during the lows is essential.